Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Boys: can't live with them, cant live without them!

Remember that time when your dads or uncles wore those hideous "in your face" fanny packs?I know that my dad totally rocked one back in the day along with his out of control stalin-esque mustache. I am definitely glad those days are over.
This thought brings me to discuss some male fashion "no no's" and the "yesses." Granted I am not trying to have guys worry about what I can find in that thing they call the closet. However, I would like to enlighten and direct their attention to actually care a little bit about their appearance and presentation in various environments. . In any event, I was skimming through the website and a very witty author presented definite fashion NOS! for the male species. One of them is clippings of electronic gadgets. Those bulging electronics hanging off your belt looks ridiculous. If you MUST have it, then hide it, be all incognito about it. Thats where the visual attention shifts for a female when she sees that thing out there. Sounds kind of dirty, I know, but blackberry clippings, or cell phones, looks lame.
Another thing, do not ever wear your button down shirts tucked in without a belt. Makes you look round, and unfinished. The belt is a necessary accessory to not only show off how much money you make, but to also execute and polish your outfit in the proper way.
Also, when it comes to slacks or jeans, guys please wear the appropriate length. It looks really funny if you don't. Short pant length makes you look a lot shorter than you are, so make sure that tailor doesn't cut off too much of the bottom. I think that I could go on for a lot longer talking about presentable male fashion vs. looking presentatable at various contexts. I will follow up on that next time. But in the mean time, please don't even think about a fanny pack! thanks!

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