Monday, April 13, 2009

Gucci or Shmuchi?

Gucci vs. Guess, H&M vs. Neiman Marcus, Rolex vs. Skagan. What is the difference between all three paired brand names? Well, all of these are brand names that are highly recognizable by the majority of consumers. However, the difference is that some of these stores and brand names carry products that are either very expensive or very cheap. Not cheap, but rather affordable. So why do people still pay outrageous amounts of money for accessories, clothing, gadgets? why is there a disparity in prices for clothing that looks so similar? it all comes down to people's personal preferences and what they can afford. Sometimes, consumers would still pay an incredibly high price for something that they can't even afford. Name recognition holds a lot of weight in this country and splatting a brand name on something could be an empowering indicator for some consumers. Shopping in Trader Joe's vs. shop rite is also a big difference in consumer preferences and tastes. Trader Joe's happens to be the more expensive supermarket that carries on a variety of healthy, organic and more expensive produce and costumers constantly flood the floors of Trader Joe's to buy and enjoy the "better quality" foods.
Anywho, back to clothing and accessories. I personally like to mix and match between buying things that are very expensive, good quality and that I plan on having for a long time. At the same time, I also enjoy buying items that are only trendy for a certain season or that I know won't last me a long time. Furthermore, the older I get, the more I realize my parents decrease the amount of money they give me. To them I am a young adult who is well on her way to afford her own way of life. Yup, thats my parents. But I think its an interesting dynamic between people who perfer splurging on an item because of the brand name and those who decide to make wiser investments that give them that bang for the buck.

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