Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Rain or Shine?

Do most people dress according to the season or the climate? I have had this debate with many of my relatives ( I honestly don't know why). Ever since I was a little girl, all I could remember is my mother dressing me according to the season and not the weather. So if it was fall, lets say, my mom would dress me up in boots, long sleeve shirt and a jacket...sometimes a scarf so I wouldn't catch a cold! (god forbid). Ok I know she was only looking out for my best interest, but then I would find myself dying of heat and embarrassment, because it would get to be so warm all of a sudden at a random point in the day. I would come home so upset because I was the only one in the class with a wool hat on while it was like 75 degrees after the morning was like o 40 degrees. Had a rough childhood-you could I am kidding.
Well in any event, now that I am out of my mother's site I could do what I want...literally. Especially when it comes to clothes! unless she buys them. I think it is obviously smart to dress according to the climate..DAH! I mean take Ithaca for example, people do not know what to do with themselves when it comes to starting off their day by facing the freezing cold morning and then sweating profusely after the lunch hour rush.
I wanted to write about this topic for quite some time now since it is starting to get warmer out. However, the temperatures keep fluctuating not only a daily basis in Ithaca, but they change on an hourly basis. One minute its sunny and beautiful. You feel like you want to run around in shorts and a t-shirt. As a matter of fact you just want to run outside because its nice out. And then you go to the library or you actually choose to go to class, and through the windows you see that the sky is getting darker and darker. And then you say shit, the rain...and I don't have an umbrella. Note to self, ALWAYS carry an umbrella with you in Ithaca. Also, I never want to carry a closet with me around campus, cuz thats just a pain. So I figure the best way to approach this bit of a style vs. comfort issue, is dress in layers. Always check the weather before you go out ( always good) and if you really want to, have a pair of flip flops thrown in your backpack. They are light...its fine. So get ready...tomorrow will be gross and rainy, but the weekend in Ithaca, NY should be sunny and warm. Dress wisely!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Boys: can't live with them, cant live without them!

Remember that time when your dads or uncles wore those hideous "in your face" fanny packs?I know that my dad totally rocked one back in the day along with his out of control stalin-esque mustache. I am definitely glad those days are over.
This thought brings me to discuss some male fashion "no no's" and the "yesses." Granted I am not trying to have guys worry about what I can find in that thing they call the closet. However, I would like to enlighten and direct their attention to actually care a little bit about their appearance and presentation in various environments. . In any event, I was skimming through the website and a very witty author presented definite fashion NOS! for the male species. One of them is clippings of electronic gadgets. Those bulging electronics hanging off your belt looks ridiculous. If you MUST have it, then hide it, be all incognito about it. Thats where the visual attention shifts for a female when she sees that thing out there. Sounds kind of dirty, I know, but blackberry clippings, or cell phones, looks lame.
Another thing, do not ever wear your button down shirts tucked in without a belt. Makes you look round, and unfinished. The belt is a necessary accessory to not only show off how much money you make, but to also execute and polish your outfit in the proper way.
Also, when it comes to slacks or jeans, guys please wear the appropriate length. It looks really funny if you don't. Short pant length makes you look a lot shorter than you are, so make sure that tailor doesn't cut off too much of the bottom. I think that I could go on for a lot longer talking about presentable male fashion vs. looking presentatable at various contexts. I will follow up on that next time. But in the mean time, please don't even think about a fanny pack! thanks!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Gucci or Shmuchi?

Gucci vs. Guess, H&M vs. Neiman Marcus, Rolex vs. Skagan. What is the difference between all three paired brand names? Well, all of these are brand names that are highly recognizable by the majority of consumers. However, the difference is that some of these stores and brand names carry products that are either very expensive or very cheap. Not cheap, but rather affordable. So why do people still pay outrageous amounts of money for accessories, clothing, gadgets? why is there a disparity in prices for clothing that looks so similar? it all comes down to people's personal preferences and what they can afford. Sometimes, consumers would still pay an incredibly high price for something that they can't even afford. Name recognition holds a lot of weight in this country and splatting a brand name on something could be an empowering indicator for some consumers. Shopping in Trader Joe's vs. shop rite is also a big difference in consumer preferences and tastes. Trader Joe's happens to be the more expensive supermarket that carries on a variety of healthy, organic and more expensive produce and costumers constantly flood the floors of Trader Joe's to buy and enjoy the "better quality" foods.
Anywho, back to clothing and accessories. I personally like to mix and match between buying things that are very expensive, good quality and that I plan on having for a long time. At the same time, I also enjoy buying items that are only trendy for a certain season or that I know won't last me a long time. Furthermore, the older I get, the more I realize my parents decrease the amount of money they give me. To them I am a young adult who is well on her way to afford her own way of life. Yup, thats my parents. But I think its an interesting dynamic between people who perfer splurging on an item because of the brand name and those who decide to make wiser investments that give them that bang for the buck.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

a little bit of everything

So last night was the Cornell Design League Fashion Show and I thought it was well...GREAT! students on this campus are really talented and always seem to be inspired to design something that is unique. All of the pieces were unique in their own way that separated them from the conventional type of clothing we see every day. There were themes and stories told through the clothes that were presented. Designers ranged from freshman to seniors and seniors were the ones who had more than one piece for this show. I was very impressed by what I saw and the entire production was very professional. A round of applause to those who participated and took an active role in developing and executing this show.

Since this is a fashion blog, I am going to go back a little and do a bit of fashion instigation among our celebrity friends. Actually I don't even know whether they are our friends...whatever! they are fun to look at nontheless. Case and point, Paris Hilton. I don't know what this girl is thinking, but seriously wouldn't you try a bit harder if you knew the whole world is watching your every step. AND the best part is that she puts herself right in front of the camera to get some photos snapped of her.

On the other hand, a different blonde, actress Blake Lively is making segway in the fashion world. She is climbing up to the top with so many of her fashion hits as opposed to misses. She dressed very classy and not trashy. See Paris, you are trashy, Blake is classy. Its not that hard to distinguish and they equally get attention and media time. Ok maybe Paris gets more media time due to the controversies she dubs in from time to time, but that irrelevant to my blog. Blake Lively sets the tone for young females in their youthful years of how a lady should look like. Obviously, I am not saying we should all look like Blake Lively, but her clothing choices are on the dot. Check them out!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

On the catwalk

One of my favorite shows is Bravo's Project Runway. And in light of things, this Saturday night is the Cornell Design League annual fashion show. Students from this campus get the opportunity to have their own "project runway" moment and show off their designer talent. I had always admired those who have an artistic touch to create something thats well...SO COOL! and different. Just a bit about fashion shows, the catwalk is a place for designers to display their art. They are artists and instead of stagnant art (i.e a picture hanging in a museum or a sculpture), they show moving art on a body of movement. Quite honestly, going to the CDL fashion show will be my first fashion show ever so I am really excited to see what its all about. I will be blogging about my experience during this event next time. But in the meantime you should check it out!
CDL Fashion Show
Barton Hall
Saturday Night 7pm!

See you there!

Monday, March 23, 2009

Prom time!

Ok I have to cover this topic...PROM! its prom season for those high school seniors. Its an exciting time of year for them where the anticipation of new chapter kicks in and the nostalgia of the previous high school years is in the air. And for one night, they get to have their last HOORAH! before the depart high school and enter a new phase of life.
This one night is filled with various dynamics that almost everyone since freshman year has been thinking about. Some include, prospective dates, getting some, after parties, and of course the dresses for he girls and tuxes for the boys. I remember at my prom, the boys definitely sported some unique choices that were definitely eye catching. Its kind of nice to know that people are letting loose and allowing all of their inhibitions out the door.
I still think that girls are definitely far more cognizant and attentive to their clothing options. After all, prom is a bit of a "red carpet" event for some high schools. I mean at mine it definitely was. Everyone looks and judges. Ok so you might not have Joan and Melissa Rivers critiquing your clothing options, but teachers and fellow students alike, are all weighing in with their opinions.
When i was shopping this passed week, I noticed all the tweens and teen magz were splattered with prom specials on their front pages. I even saw girls getting their hair and make up done as a trial before their proms (intense i know). Actually now that I think more about my prom days, I recall a dress that this girl made out of ducked tape. Yup, I said it. You want unique and different, there you've got it. But, honestly whatever floats their boat. But back to the prom specials, I saw a lot of the typical bright poofy ball gowns and also elegant pieces as well. I think that the recent black tie fashion that was presented on the red carpet from all of the award shows, definitely inspired many of the prom dresses. I also saw many elegant, slimming, straight dresses that were very figure fitting. Also, the shorter look is also becoming more popular. Instead of ballgowns, prom dresses are being cut shorter and shorter, which is more of the west coast look than the east coast. Also, prom styles are not universal, but it rather depends on the area that people live in. As I had mentioned before, in California, prom styles are a bit less black tie and more formal/casual (short summer looking dresses). But still guests look very festive and ready to party. And as for males, the tuxes are still great. There isn't much to add about them. The only thing I would recommend it to try and match with their dates. They make the couple look collectively put together. Not tacky, but cute.

Here are some links to prom styles for the ladies and the fellas!

Friday, March 20, 2009

Shoes, bags, bracelets.. O MY!

I know how I always talk about clothes. After all this is an analytical fashion blog. But, fashion does not only encompass articles of clothing. It is the entire package that makes up the exterior look on a person, the clothes, hair, make-up (for females...ok sometimes males too), shoes, and accessories. I have never mentioned anything about jewelry, bags, shoes, hair styles, etc. and I think its about time that I review some of the accessorizing trends that will be popular this spring.

I was in the store the other day (Nordstrom to be exact) and I noticed a lot of HUGE bags. I have no idea why bags went from being miniscule to being gianormous but it seems as though this has become the fashion norm among most fashion trend setters but. I personally like medium sized bags, so that I can actually find my phone when it rings or my wallet when I am about to pay. Otherwise, you kind of look like a tool when you are looking for your wallet and there is a whole line of angry people waiting to pay. are so lucky you don't need to carry bags with you. It is actually ridiculous if you think about it. Some women are bag CRAZY, they have to have a different kind of bag to match their shoes and their finished pedicures. I am becoming a little bit more obsessive about bags myself ( I can't help it they are SO cute...and pricey might I add). But back to the males for a second...remember when fanny packs used to be your dad DEFINITELY used to have one back in the day, I know mine did. And I have nothing further to say about that.

Another thing hot this spring...are big bulky colorful jewelry for the ladies. Green, blue, red, even pink gems are a hit! they are fun, flirty and fashion fun. Just be careful...don't pick out the ones that look trashy on ya, that won't be good. Shoes are important. Gladiator sandles are coming back in all sorts of trends and styles that go SO nicely with a long flowy dress. Also, strappy sexy heels are just the right touch for a girls night out! Make-up is also another thing that is incredibly important for this spring and summer season. DO NOT FAKE AND BAKE!!!! I know everyone is coming back from spring break all tan (or burnt-that sucks!), but keep a nice healthy glow, don't work on the same tan from spring break you don't want to look tanorexic, please. Apply some jergens natural body glow and walla! you are good to go until the summer. By the time the summer comes, you can jump back into natural tanning action by catching some sun rays (by of course wearing protection-sun is very damaging for your skin). But overall, the most attractive look this spring and summer seasons will be a healthy, youthfully fresh look that will make you want to be young forever.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

cheap and chic? or just cheap?

Upon skimming through the celebrity fashion news I came across the following headlines: “Mariah Carey in a $36 American Apparel dress” and “Frieda Pinto walking out of H&M.” Ok, so what? For those who do not know, H&M is a low priced clothing store with very cheap but stylish clothing and American Apparel follows the same description. So as I had mentioned before, so what? Who cares that these multi-million dollar celebrities who are earning big bucks, shopping at such low costing, non brand retail stores….could it be the economy?…well I am highly doubted. I personally think that perhaps the economic recession has awakened them and led them to realize that spending an outlandish amount of money on a Gucci purse or a Chanel headband is simply absurd. Overall, the American population has gotten a kick in the butt with plummeting economy to finally realize that money spending and investments should be handled cautiously. Celebrities and non-celebrities alike now understand that the value of money is incredibly potent for their every day lives. So rich celebs spending money in relatively cheap stores is actually very smart. Everyone benefits, the consumers, producers, and retailers.

To have a price ranged wardrobe gives people variation and flexibility in their personal shopping habits. I think that tabloids mentioning that celebs are wearing cloths from such stores, is simply an advertisement to help those stores get recognition and hopefully rush shoppers to purchase what the hottest celebrities are wearing. It is way more appealing to know that celebs are actually buying from the stores, so that girls and boys could go and buy that clothing item instead of trying to copy it.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Society shaping the world of fashion

I tend to believe that fashion is an underestimated social force. Society looks over the idea of fashion and dismisses it as something that only pertains to those who care about it, i.e. people who have nothing better to do with their lives. They only enjoy adorning themselves with items that no one else can afford. Children in third world countries, would be considered rich if they have more than 3 items of clothing and an entire meal to last them a day.
It is a web of consumer tastes, personality identity, and habits. Various fashion critics in the nineteenth century, analyzed the origins of expensive tastes and fashion hierarchies. They concluded that upper classes distinguished themselves in terms of clothing to separate themselves from the classes below them. Their styles and practices were emulated by the middle and lower classes, which left the upper classes to reinvent themselves. So is this why the whole notion of brand names and expensive tastes came about? if you notice there is a variable price hierarchy that exists. With brand named items priced at a minimum of $400 a pop (exaggeration of course), and generic brands sold at Kohls and Wal-mart creates a huge a price gap.
I am going to investigate the stigma of brand names later on. But this was just a small overview about the history of fashion and its origins.

Sunday, March 8, 2009


SPRING IS IN THE AIR...everywhere I look around! even in Ithaca, NY. :)

I love the spring. Its a beautiful time of year that blossoms with
flowers and joy seen across the country. The chill of the creeping cold
will pass and then spring will arrive and cover us with color, warmth
and happiness. With that in mind, now that its warmer out (ok 40
degrees is not THAT warm but in according to Ithaca's weather standards
its well...a heat wave). This notion is supported by our dear students
on Cornell's campus struting their stuff in flip flips, shorts,
tshirts, sun dresses ( I am not kidding). But, common now, its not
summer can wait.

So anyway, spring...what will be
popular this spring season in terms of clothing you might ask? well
upon doing some research, I have noticed a common trend of floral
prints, bright bright colors, flowy attire, geometric shapes and well
PURE BEAUTY! (you can probably tell I am in a good mood because its 40
degrees out). As for the males, don't forget that I forgot about
you...floral prints also seem to be the hit. I know that many men do
not view this as very "manly" but it makes you stand out and defies
what the standard trend of fashion for males should be like. Also, a
lot of light colors (not bright per se) but rather whites, beige and
even pastels. Some would even note that pinks and bright blues are in
for men. I didn't really see that on that runways during fashion week
and usually I tend to follow that ideas that the bigger designers
present to the public.

I truly hope that some of these
guidelines can help. Even celebs have been out sporting these trends. I
mean, LA is always in spring mode so those on the far far east coast
can have some fun with the bright springy clothing. ENJOY!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

The Dynamics of fashion and the Avant Garde Theory

Although this blog is mainly about analyzing the fashion that is carried out by the elite crowed in LA an NY (to name a few), I want to shift gears a little bit and talk about the word fashion. In particular, its dynamics and what makes it stand out. Author of the Dynamics of Fashion, Elaine Stone defined the word fashion as " the very word conjures up excitement and interest in all of us. Fashion is the ultimate F word! It is faddish, familiar, fantasy, form, fatal, feasible, festive, finite, fit, fresh, and fun. Fashion is the most dynamic of American businesses. It thrives on change, and change is the engine that fuels it” (p. 3). I believe that there is a lot of truth to what she is saying, however I tend to think that fashion is more than just something familiar. It is actually unfamiliar which makes it stand out and fit the category of ‘fashionable.’ According to the theory of Avant Garde in respect to fashion, is once you wear something and
make it fashionable, it is no longer fashionable. Just to give you a background about this term, Avant Garde means “advance guard” and it is derived from the French language. When it is used in the adjective form in English, it refers to people and works that are innovative, pushing the limits or boundaries, particularly in a society’s culture, art, and politics. This term was created by modernists who opposed conventionality. It basically means, appealing the status quo and thinking unconventionally in the cultural realm. With that in mind, the theory of Avant Garde would oppose what Stone is saying in a sense that fashion is familiar, because Avant Garde sets the tone for what is unfamiliar and different. The juxtaposition of both of these ideas stimulates a lot of debate when it comes to thinking about the dynamics of fashion. To me personally, fashion should be heavily emphasized on being unique and unconventional, just as the theory of Avant Garde suggests. However, since fashion is always evolving and constantly changing it never fails to appeal to almost every type of individual who enjoys fashion. So there is a constantly moving trajectory that fashionable items follow. There are certainly people who are trend setters, and when everyone else copies them, they set the tone for the Avant Garde and everyone else follows. In which case, the Avant Garde loses its meaning but something new would usually follow after that.

Monday, March 2, 2009

From Graffitti to Fashion

I am going to attempt to keep this short n' sweet and talk about where people get their fashion inspirations from. As I had noted in an earlier blog, much of fashion's trends or styles come from politics, music, environment, etc. and I was wondering what inspires people today to dress in a certain manner. Is it music? or is it copying what they saw someone famous wear in a magazine? do most people dress with meaning behind their daily clothing options?
One of the most prominent designers, Marc Ecko, who is the founder and chairman of Ecko Enterprises, found his designer calling from painting graffiti on t-shirts. He was very much into art, and expressed his craft through doing graffiti. Many people noticed and he established his small side business of making authentic graffiti t-shirts, which then grew into hats, jeans, jackets, etc. Graffiti is commonly seen spray painted on old walls in impoverished parts of cities. He took that and spun that art out into fashion.
Ultimately, his success grew and he founded his own clothing brand, ecko in 1993. Something as small as graffiti and t-shirts can get you a long way apparently...who knew? So Marc Ecko was inspired by this simple task, so what inspires you? do you think you would be able to create a clothing line from something that has personal meaning to you, it might not even have a personal meaning. However, with this small example, the sky is the limit for fashion inspirations.

Saturday, February 28, 2009

Get your own!

A sense of style comes with the notion of understanding your physical self and what fits you best and how you execute that item of clothing. Style is also a reflection of your own personality. I think that in order to have a particular style, one has to literally and figuratively own what they are wearing. Something that is unique and eccentric, that not many people can pull off . With that in mind, people, males and females, have to be familiar with their body types. For example, a curvy woman won’t look so good in a very tight shirt and dazy duke denim shorts and a tall skinny guy, won’t look great in a simple baggy t-shirt and a washed out pair of jeans. That is not a sense of style, it’s a careless and lazy way to carry yourself which is not commendable at all. People need to look put together, I am not saying that they need to look awesome every day of their lives (although they should) in a fashionable kind of way, but rather think about how you present yourself to the public before you walk out of your house or apartment. Image has become a brand, no matter where you might be. I know that I just went off track for a little bit, but a sense of style, body image, and presentation are strongly intertwined. Its important to think about those things if you want to make an outfit work. I personally try not to conform to owning identical articles of clothing as someone else. When certain trends are in for example, spring scarves or gladiator sandals, I try to stay within that trendy framework but buy something that’s a bit more modified than something that everyone has. And again, something might look better on other girls that me and I come to understand that.

I think that prime examples of people with a sense of fashion are definitely Justin Timberlake. He always looks unconventional and he knows what fits his body. Ok I know he has personal stylists and what not, but it takes two work. I also think Puff Daddy, or Diddy, or Sean Puffy Combs, whatever his name is these days (honestly who cares), he is a self made walking fashionable guru. He really transformed his image from ordinary street wear to the red carpet chic. Scarlet Johanson is another super star who is not stick skinny and knows how to pull off cetain outfits that fit her and her personality. She is a buxom beauty who is not afraid to admit that she has boobs and a butt, and is not afraid to show it off in a bright colored masterpiece. I admire her for that. And again, because of her bodily structure, she knows what works and what doesn’t. As for the rest of us, I’d recommend really thinking twice about how we present ourselves to the public. People see and people watch, but its fun when you know you are the one getting the compliments and not being passed over unnoticed.

And the Oscar goes to...

And the Oscar goes to…So many attendees ! I was intrigued by the fashion that was all over the red carpet at the 81st annual Academy Awards. This is one of the most prestigious events for actors, actresses, directors, etc. to be nominated, present, or even attend! Hey I wouldn’t mind going. In any event, this also happens to be one of the most important occasions to celebrate the art of the fashion. Name dropping of designers have become HUGE over the years. As a matter of fact, designers and celebrities signed contracts so that celebrities could push the brand name and image unto the public and the merchandising market. For example, Chanel and Nicole Kidman had an agreement that Nicole would be wearing Chanel clothing and accessories to where the press was present. In turn, she would earn commission from the profits Chanel would gain from their sales. Therefore, I wonder which celebrities were also helping out their designer friends. Beyonce, debuted her dress from her personal collection “House of Dereon.” Her clothing line has recently launched a new line of dresses. Although, I do not know how much this display helped her, because her unique dress, was not a winner on this red carpet…sorry B. However, many were winners, especially those who radiated with a splash of color. Natalie Portman’s petite frame became bigger than life when she showed off her fucsia colored Rodrate designed strapless dress. It was a breath of fresh springy air. Alicia Keys, also glowed in a purple number. Teen sensation, Miley Cyrus on the other hand, looked like a 6 tiered cream cake in her Zuhair Murad gown. I think it had potential, but the execution…well failed, to say the least. A lot of ballgowns and “poofy” dresses made their way to the red carpet, i.e Sarah Jessica Parker in her prom inspired belted ballgown. She truly looked stunning. Penelope Cruz, as well. Dressed in an off white colored wedding dress. I am kidding, it just looks like one. But VERY pretty for a very good night for the winner of the best supporting actress in “ Vikki Cristina Barcelona.” You go girl. Speaking of winners…Kate Winslet look stunning, stunning, stunning. She wore a steel grey dress by Atelier Yves Saint Laurent by Stefano Pilati. It was asymmetrical and definitely made some heads turn on the red carpet. She never falls short of perfection when it comes to the red carpet. So overall, I think this event was filled with a lot of true beauties that decorated the night in the best way possible.

Friday, February 20, 2009

From singers to designers

So celebrities who wear unique and outstanding clothing is one thing, but celebrities who design cool and chic clothing is totally another thing. In the last couple of years, celebrities have been managing to create side businesses for themselves. As if a career in music, movies and tv shows is not enough, they decide to sell, create, and market various products. Everything ranging from shoes, bags, perfumes, etc. And now its even clothing. Hillary Duff will be co-designing a line with Donna Karen of DKNY, Victoria Beckham came out with her new line of clothes that are touched with a sophisticated edge. Beyonce and her mother teamed up to make clothin magic with their self titled line “ House of Dereon” Nonetheless, the biggest name that has been circulating fashion week has been, Justin Timberlake. He debuted his new line titled “William Rast.” Apparently, he began this line a few years ago with a childhood friend and business partner, Trace Ayala. The name William Rast comes from the combination of Timberlake’s and Ayala’s grandfather’s names. They drew their inspiration for a newer and fresher look since the election of president Barak Obama. Timberlake said that because it’s a new start to our American culture, he wanted to express that through his clothing line of William Rast. I think its quite admirable that celebrities are not only triple threats these days, some are even quadruple threats by being designers, business men and women, ambassadors and what have you. Just some food for thought.

fashion coming to Ithaca!

Yesterday in our “Cornell Daily Sun,” in the Red Letter Daze section I came across a small fashion section, titled “spring trends in Ithaca.” Although, the author did not cover any actual fashion trends you see on ho plaza or the arts quad , but she rather made an overview of what is going to be in season for the upcoming 2009 spring term and her recommendations of how to successfully execute those outfits. But what I find a bit peculiar is that the writer makes claims that fashion and weather go together and with Ithaca’s fluctuating weather, it is very hard to look good and be appropriately groomed for the oh so changing weather. She does not really make any recommendations of how you can look good, effortlessly, and still be comfortable/warm in clothing option of your choice for the day. I know I had tried that before but then failed miserably when I walked out of my apartment in my a la “Carry Bradshaw” outfit (Carry Bradshaw is the fashion guru of the popular TV show “Sex and the City”) and then I was quickly confronted with the frigid Ithaca weather and the fact that heels and hills don’t go well together. This was back in the day, it didn’t actually happen yesterday. In any event, I am a big proponent for comfort and trendiness. And those two things are very hard to pull off. The author in the article mentions, cardigans and “boyfriend” blazers, but they are not very fitting for the Ithaca weather. One thing is if you go out at night on a date or to a local bar, but for the every day look, its not very helpful. In the cold winter days I recommend, knee high leather boots of either beige, brown, or black. Long cardigans of all colors and prints. Plaid button down shirts are making a comeback. They are warm and so easy to wear with a pair of light washed jeans. For guys, a nice pair of jeans, cool sweaters (i.e lacoste, penguin brand) will do that job. Jackets, coats are also big! And scarfs hats and gloves. Just because they might be accessories, doesn’t mean that no one sees them. Having bright colored adorable and trendy wool, cotton, or what have you hats and scarfs are the thing! They are comfortable, stylish and so easy to wear. So next time you’ll be in ho plaza, think about what you want to wear and maybe you’ll be making some heads turn while you pass by Olin.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Fashion Funfetti!

FASHION WEEK! A celebrated occasion in the larger global fashion industry that brings Milan and Paris to the streets of NYC. Christian Dior, Carolina Herrera, Betsy Johnson, and Marc Jacobs were few of the many designers that featured their one of a kind fall collections on the runways. I started to follow fashion week a couple of years ago and at first I was awe struck by the creative designs that were presented on the catwalks and since then, I was eager to buy a whole new wardrobe for myself based on what I saw. But I didn’t, because if I had gone out and bought myself an entirely new BCBG Max Azria inspired wardrobe…I’d be broke. I would have a nice sense of fashion but… I’d be broke. As I got older, I began to pay attention to the actual designers, as well as the clothes. What provoked me to listen to the designers was their story and how they came about to establish such an art. Fashion, I believe, essentially is another form of art portrayed through clothing. People always hear designers are inspired or motivated by something in the environment that brought them to develop their creative masterpieces or collections. And so what are there “thing” or “factors” that contributed to their development as designers which led them to progress in sharing their artistic views on one of the most important weeks in fashion.

For example, Betsy Johnson, a fun loving kind of eccentric American designer was inspired to create her colorful collection after she was impacted by snacks. Yup! Snacks was the theme of Ms. Johnson’s collection, hmmm you might be asking what the…. Well anyway, according to Betsy, she wanted to focus on a “girls want to have fun” type of look, and snacks gave her that little bit of inspiration to create a look that was filled with knitted dresses, tops filled with fringes, sequins, bright eyed petty coats. I think this is a cute and unique idea and essentially is very simple. Something so small, can be spun off into something grand that people would be happy to wear because of that good feeling it would give them. Maybe it’s a little bit of a silly concept in being like “this shirt was designed after a bag of Doritos,” but I think it goes beyond that. And Betsy Johnson was certainly bold enough to take this approach and provide the snacks for the show.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Confessions of a shopaholic

In honor of the movie premiere “confessions of a shopaholic,” starring Borat’s leading lady in real life, Isla Fisher, I’d like to reveal some of my personal shopping experience. I actually dislike going shopping….I do…as a matter of fact I even tend to hate it at times. I hate the whole picking out clothes, then trying them on, buying them, trying them back on at home and realizing that I do not look nearly as good as the lighting and the mirror made me look in the dressing room. O and I also sometimes get this “shopper block” where I just completely freeze on what I want to get, because I am so overwhelmed with the clothing items in the store. Can I say frustrating much? And also, I understand that shopping has transcended to the realm of online shopping, I do not like it either. Speaking from past experiences, online shopping for me has been a disaster…DISASTER! I do not have the body of a mannequin in your average department or boutique store, therefore I just don’t go shopping. I am partially kidding about that, because really I do go shopping, I dislike the process. But, I think that I was bred in this manner because ever since I was a little girl, until my late adolescence my mom had actually been my personal shopper. She works part-time and she loves shopping for me. I am like a little doll for her to dress up and she has a great eye for what is trendy and what is not so much. My mom would always make sure to bring at least 8 shopping bags home for me to pick and choose from. And if I didn’t like something, her or myself would return it. I almost owe it to my mom for developing my “fashionable identity,” so to speak. Eventually, I began going shopping on my own, but still I always feel that I need my mom to tell me how an article of clothing looks on me. I trust her judgement, and I am very lucky to have her as my best and worst critique.

I know I had mentioned online shopping before, and for some people it’s the best thing since sliced bread. I mean I can definitely understand that and I am almost envious that I can’t experience the same pleasure of online shopping as others. I wonder though, what are people’s preferences for shopping. Is it “OMG (oh my g-d) LETS GO SHOPPING!” or, “ mom can you buy me something nice” or is it just sitting in front of your computer and filling up that imaginary shopping cart with clothes of your choice? Maybe, there are those who do not even care. But, all in all, clothing is important and making sure everyone has something to put on their bodies is quite vital for everyday living.

Takin' it to the Streets!

Last week, a fellow classmate mentioned the term “streetwear.” Not knowing much about street wear, I wanted to delve into this fashion category some more and check out its origin and how this style of clothing made a splash unto the general fashion scene.

Streetwear is used to describe high quality clothing that draws influence from its surroundings and today the street is also likely to place great influence on fashion. These inspirations tend to be straight from the “street” taking in everything that surrounds them on a daily basis. Examples include, graffiti and such graffiti would often express social and political issues at hand.

The origins of various styles, cuts, themes, and trends were first recognized at the end of the 1970’s and early 1980’s. This was a vibrant time for the emergence of punk and what later on became hip-hop. Such diverse musical styles inspired “independent” ethnic attitudes that were captured by punk and hip hop music fans. Streetwear primarily began in California with the surfing and skating scene and was originally known as skatewear and surfwear. Brands of clothing began to come out to fulfill the demands of young crowds. Soon after, Japan was the next market niche that picked up this trend and appealed to the larger youth audience. Japanese designers drew on influences from anime, toys, gadgets, as well as their own style of Japanese street art.

By the mid 90’s streetwear had established itself in the world market. It created a great appeal among the youth population due to its unique and individualized style. The innovative designs of hoodies, sneakers, t-shirts, jeans were a hit. “Streetwear is a market segment that is rapidly becoming larger,” Claire Dupuis states. She is the manager of fashion apparel marketing for Cotton Incorporated.

Now, streetwear draws a huge array of consumers and popular brand names such as Triple Five Soul, Rocawear and Enyce that have helped define the category and put the clothing on the backs of consumers and, well, right on the streets. These particular brands were inspired form the hip hop and rap music genere, while MbyM, Volcom and Hurley were inspired more form the punk and alternative rock category.

So now that I have educated my audience, as well as myself, on this particular style of fashion, I think it is interesting to see how streetwear evolved throughout the decades and how it is still a very prominent option of clothing among youth and even adults. It is quite fascinating to see how something as simple as “the street” can inspire a huge sector of fashion to develop. Streetwear, in my mind, will continue to develop, grow and constantly have an impact on our everyday lives.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

A loud fashion statement

The 51st Grammy Awards were on last night, and besides the scandalous celebrities making headlines all over the entertainment news ( i.e. dropping out last minute performers Chris Brown and Rihannah due to legal woes), the red carpet shined by some stars that wowed the crowed with their display of elegant dresses, and ravishing suits and tuxes. And then there were others who you just horrified the red carpet, leaving many unanswered questions among spectators of the Grammys along with fashion critiques. I’ve been reviewing the better half of fashion choices among the Hollywood elite in my previous entries. However, now I would like to look at the converse side and review the more questionable outfits that many saw on the red carpet.

I want to start off by distinguishing the notion of a fashion statement. What is it? Why do people do it? One definition is that a person wears clothing that draw attention to him or her. Another definition that a fashion statement is an item of clothing or set of clothes that express something about the attitude, point of view, or lifestyle of the wearer. It would probably encompass making a statement without saying much. I believe that making a fashion statement is more than just putting on a bright sweater with a pair of leggings and accessorizing it with a pretty headband, during the fall season. The definition becomes simplified when the term is used in this context. Making a statement is something as simple as sending messages by wearing logo shirts for example, with something as short as a sentence or a simple word that would raise eyebrows and have others thinking twice about that person’s clothing option of the day. But why do people do it? Fashion is unconventional and there are no boundaries as to how extravagant or outlandish an article of clothing or accessory might be. Case and point, Deadmau5. Perhaps he outdid himself with this outfit, but he sure knows how to make a statement with his creepy “mickey mouse on crack” mask and a t-shirt stating “no pictures.” Ok we get the point, no pictures, but the mask…why? would you say this is a fashion statement or just horrific display of weirdness....that’s up to you readers to interpret.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

a black tie affair

So enough analyzing the female fashion of today, now I want to look at some of the male clothing options. And I want to present this ensemble brought to you by, Brody Jenner, Bruce Jenner’s son. For those of you who don’t know, Bruce Jenner is an Olympic superstar. He has a very impressive track record of championships, one of which he received a gold medal in the 1976 Olympics. And his children certainly make headlines in the tabloids. But, I am not interested in that…I am more curious to look at his handsome son…Brody. I think he looks great for a guy who is “all dressed up for the occasion”. He is very tall in real life, therefore this look works for him. The long skinny tie, is appropriate for his height and physique. I think he looks very sharp, as should all males when they put on a suit and tie. I think this look is so effortless, and normally something that is as simple as a black and white suit, can very much be spun out to an eye catching piece. Guys, this is a GREAT look, girls LOVE this look. So if you are tall like Brody and need some good fashion ideas, just look at him. And if you think you don’t care about your appearance…lies all lies. I do not believe that. If you want to attract the ladies, besides your great looks and fabulous personalities, you should also know how to dress well. As simple as a suit may be, it still says a lot about a guy.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Look like a million bucks!

Slumdog Millionaire’s leading lady, Freida Pinto was spotted stealing the show at the Director’s Guild Awards with this gorgeous Zac Posen dress. Zac Posen actually happens to be one of my favorite designers. He mixes eloquence with a little bit of glitzy glam and Ms. Pinto sure knows how to pull it off. The color of the dress totally compliments her darker features, and they truly bring to light her unique ethnic look. I think this look can certainly be emulated by many women who want to stand out among a crowd that mainly sticks to the black little dresses. This metallic look would certainly get you noticed. I think that dresses that are short (above the knee) are also making a huge combat this spring season. Its all about showing some leg and feeling good about yourself. So ladies get into those pilates classes to get in shape and good health. Get ready for a season to have fun, flirt and shine!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Posh Society

The lovely Becks! how can I miss them, especially Victoria "posh" Beckham and her two boys, shopping over the weekend. She is obviously a showstopper, where ever she is , BUT this little black dress number with a white satchel, I think is a little too much to go shopping. I understand that posh is a trendsetter and all, but seriously to go shopping in a black halter dress and a short black cardigan with pumps is a little too over the top if you ask me. And also! If we want to evaluate her fashion choice right here, she looks like someone who is going to a funeral, like seriously. It’s a bit of a gloomy outfit to be walking around glowing Hollywood with her two beautiful boys. And, what do you think about her sons matching outfits? I know that a lot of average parents do that when their kids are the same age. Personally, I don’t like it, I don’t think its cute or flattering. I think its for the purposes of confusing society and letting others think that they are twins when they’re really are not. Nonetheless, the boys are adorable. Ok maybe a little bit too overdressed for shopping like mommy, but they are adorable. Maybe they are coming back from some kind of event, perhaps that’s why they are a little dressed up for the occasion. O by the way, where is the dashing David at?

Sunday, February 1, 2009

SUPERBOWL SUNDAY! ok no I am not going to be critiquing what the Arizona Cardinals and Pittsburgh Steelers were wearing (dah!) but I am going to bring to your attention, ladies and gentleman the stunning Jennifer Hudson. Her look for the singing of the Star Spangled Banner was right on target. She looked cool, calm and collected with a touch of fierceness. She is showing off her curves by not being afraid to embrace the skinny black jeans look once again. She is adorned with a beautifully cut black blazer with gold “Napoleon-like” buttons. Her accessories are gold (large hoop earrings and some bangles), to compliment the gold theme of the buttons on the jacket. The designers are still unknown but she sure pulled off a great look that can be emulated by any women of any size.

the skinny jeans

Ok so last time it was all about the red carpet glam and then not so. This time around, I was checking out the average "street look" in hollywood, and I came across Vanessa Hudgens's look-which I loved. Totally wished I could pull something like that off but, I probably will never be able to even remotly pull off something this chic and effortless.

As everyone can seen, skinny jeans are VERY in right now, especially for women. They are simply everywhere, even some men like the look. And Vannessa, is totally rocking this skinny black jean look with a white flowy under shirt that is adorned by this adorable black blazer. Not to mention she tops off the look with some high heeled Givenchy birdcage heels. What do you think ladies? yay or nay?

OOO the Globes!

So the Golden Globes were in full fashion gear as celebrities spilled unto the carpet in their best attire or horrific wardrobe disasters (see...Jennifer Lopez's blinding mermaid dress on-I had to get an eye doctor appointment after seeing that).
I was really intrigued to see a lot of strapless numbers, which really emphasizes on the lady's frontal features which adds some allure to their presentation. Anna Hathaway, gorg! really I was clapping my hands to this Armani Privé gown, which was draped in Swarowski crystals for its corset feature. Nice nice work. HMMM, Cameron Diaz on the other hand, disappointed me. What is that? seriously from first glance I really thought she wrapped herself in some pink blanket and called it a day, like common seriously. She looks like a goddess sometimes, but this time she just looked like a bubble gum wrapper.
Ok now unto some of the gentlemen, Jonas brothers, adorable. Never fail to impress and put your best selves forward. The dynamic mix of suits consisting of different fabrics and the "black, white and red look" looked so cute. You covered all the grounds for male fashion options when it comes to black tie events, maybe minus the tuxedo look but you know what I mean.