Monday, March 23, 2009

Prom time!

Ok I have to cover this topic...PROM! its prom season for those high school seniors. Its an exciting time of year for them where the anticipation of new chapter kicks in and the nostalgia of the previous high school years is in the air. And for one night, they get to have their last HOORAH! before the depart high school and enter a new phase of life.
This one night is filled with various dynamics that almost everyone since freshman year has been thinking about. Some include, prospective dates, getting some, after parties, and of course the dresses for he girls and tuxes for the boys. I remember at my prom, the boys definitely sported some unique choices that were definitely eye catching. Its kind of nice to know that people are letting loose and allowing all of their inhibitions out the door.
I still think that girls are definitely far more cognizant and attentive to their clothing options. After all, prom is a bit of a "red carpet" event for some high schools. I mean at mine it definitely was. Everyone looks and judges. Ok so you might not have Joan and Melissa Rivers critiquing your clothing options, but teachers and fellow students alike, are all weighing in with their opinions.
When i was shopping this passed week, I noticed all the tweens and teen magz were splattered with prom specials on their front pages. I even saw girls getting their hair and make up done as a trial before their proms (intense i know). Actually now that I think more about my prom days, I recall a dress that this girl made out of ducked tape. Yup, I said it. You want unique and different, there you've got it. But, honestly whatever floats their boat. But back to the prom specials, I saw a lot of the typical bright poofy ball gowns and also elegant pieces as well. I think that the recent black tie fashion that was presented on the red carpet from all of the award shows, definitely inspired many of the prom dresses. I also saw many elegant, slimming, straight dresses that were very figure fitting. Also, the shorter look is also becoming more popular. Instead of ballgowns, prom dresses are being cut shorter and shorter, which is more of the west coast look than the east coast. Also, prom styles are not universal, but it rather depends on the area that people live in. As I had mentioned before, in California, prom styles are a bit less black tie and more formal/casual (short summer looking dresses). But still guests look very festive and ready to party. And as for males, the tuxes are still great. There isn't much to add about them. The only thing I would recommend it to try and match with their dates. They make the couple look collectively put together. Not tacky, but cute.

Here are some links to prom styles for the ladies and the fellas!

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