Thursday, March 19, 2009

cheap and chic? or just cheap?

Upon skimming through the celebrity fashion news I came across the following headlines: “Mariah Carey in a $36 American Apparel dress” and “Frieda Pinto walking out of H&M.” Ok, so what? For those who do not know, H&M is a low priced clothing store with very cheap but stylish clothing and American Apparel follows the same description. So as I had mentioned before, so what? Who cares that these multi-million dollar celebrities who are earning big bucks, shopping at such low costing, non brand retail stores….could it be the economy?…well I am highly doubted. I personally think that perhaps the economic recession has awakened them and led them to realize that spending an outlandish amount of money on a Gucci purse or a Chanel headband is simply absurd. Overall, the American population has gotten a kick in the butt with plummeting economy to finally realize that money spending and investments should be handled cautiously. Celebrities and non-celebrities alike now understand that the value of money is incredibly potent for their every day lives. So rich celebs spending money in relatively cheap stores is actually very smart. Everyone benefits, the consumers, producers, and retailers.

To have a price ranged wardrobe gives people variation and flexibility in their personal shopping habits. I think that tabloids mentioning that celebs are wearing cloths from such stores, is simply an advertisement to help those stores get recognition and hopefully rush shoppers to purchase what the hottest celebrities are wearing. It is way more appealing to know that celebs are actually buying from the stores, so that girls and boys could go and buy that clothing item instead of trying to copy it.

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