Sunday, March 8, 2009


SPRING IS IN THE AIR...everywhere I look around! even in Ithaca, NY. :)

I love the spring. Its a beautiful time of year that blossoms with
flowers and joy seen across the country. The chill of the creeping cold
will pass and then spring will arrive and cover us with color, warmth
and happiness. With that in mind, now that its warmer out (ok 40
degrees is not THAT warm but in according to Ithaca's weather standards
its well...a heat wave). This notion is supported by our dear students
on Cornell's campus struting their stuff in flip flips, shorts,
tshirts, sun dresses ( I am not kidding). But, common now, its not
summer can wait.

So anyway, spring...what will be
popular this spring season in terms of clothing you might ask? well
upon doing some research, I have noticed a common trend of floral
prints, bright bright colors, flowy attire, geometric shapes and well
PURE BEAUTY! (you can probably tell I am in a good mood because its 40
degrees out). As for the males, don't forget that I forgot about
you...floral prints also seem to be the hit. I know that many men do
not view this as very "manly" but it makes you stand out and defies
what the standard trend of fashion for males should be like. Also, a
lot of light colors (not bright per se) but rather whites, beige and
even pastels. Some would even note that pinks and bright blues are in
for men. I didn't really see that on that runways during fashion week
and usually I tend to follow that ideas that the bigger designers
present to the public.

I truly hope that some of these
guidelines can help. Even celebs have been out sporting these trends. I
mean, LA is always in spring mode so those on the far far east coast
can have some fun with the bright springy clothing. ENJOY!

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