Friday, March 20, 2009

Shoes, bags, bracelets.. O MY!

I know how I always talk about clothes. After all this is an analytical fashion blog. But, fashion does not only encompass articles of clothing. It is the entire package that makes up the exterior look on a person, the clothes, hair, make-up (for females...ok sometimes males too), shoes, and accessories. I have never mentioned anything about jewelry, bags, shoes, hair styles, etc. and I think its about time that I review some of the accessorizing trends that will be popular this spring.

I was in the store the other day (Nordstrom to be exact) and I noticed a lot of HUGE bags. I have no idea why bags went from being miniscule to being gianormous but it seems as though this has become the fashion norm among most fashion trend setters but. I personally like medium sized bags, so that I can actually find my phone when it rings or my wallet when I am about to pay. Otherwise, you kind of look like a tool when you are looking for your wallet and there is a whole line of angry people waiting to pay. are so lucky you don't need to carry bags with you. It is actually ridiculous if you think about it. Some women are bag CRAZY, they have to have a different kind of bag to match their shoes and their finished pedicures. I am becoming a little bit more obsessive about bags myself ( I can't help it they are SO cute...and pricey might I add). But back to the males for a second...remember when fanny packs used to be your dad DEFINITELY used to have one back in the day, I know mine did. And I have nothing further to say about that.

Another thing hot this spring...are big bulky colorful jewelry for the ladies. Green, blue, red, even pink gems are a hit! they are fun, flirty and fashion fun. Just be careful...don't pick out the ones that look trashy on ya, that won't be good. Shoes are important. Gladiator sandles are coming back in all sorts of trends and styles that go SO nicely with a long flowy dress. Also, strappy sexy heels are just the right touch for a girls night out! Make-up is also another thing that is incredibly important for this spring and summer season. DO NOT FAKE AND BAKE!!!! I know everyone is coming back from spring break all tan (or burnt-that sucks!), but keep a nice healthy glow, don't work on the same tan from spring break you don't want to look tanorexic, please. Apply some jergens natural body glow and walla! you are good to go until the summer. By the time the summer comes, you can jump back into natural tanning action by catching some sun rays (by of course wearing protection-sun is very damaging for your skin). But overall, the most attractive look this spring and summer seasons will be a healthy, youthfully fresh look that will make you want to be young forever.

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