Monday, March 2, 2009

From Graffitti to Fashion

I am going to attempt to keep this short n' sweet and talk about where people get their fashion inspirations from. As I had noted in an earlier blog, much of fashion's trends or styles come from politics, music, environment, etc. and I was wondering what inspires people today to dress in a certain manner. Is it music? or is it copying what they saw someone famous wear in a magazine? do most people dress with meaning behind their daily clothing options?
One of the most prominent designers, Marc Ecko, who is the founder and chairman of Ecko Enterprises, found his designer calling from painting graffiti on t-shirts. He was very much into art, and expressed his craft through doing graffiti. Many people noticed and he established his small side business of making authentic graffiti t-shirts, which then grew into hats, jeans, jackets, etc. Graffiti is commonly seen spray painted on old walls in impoverished parts of cities. He took that and spun that art out into fashion.
Ultimately, his success grew and he founded his own clothing brand, ecko in 1993. Something as small as graffiti and t-shirts can get you a long way apparently...who knew? So Marc Ecko was inspired by this simple task, so what inspires you? do you think you would be able to create a clothing line from something that has personal meaning to you, it might not even have a personal meaning. However, with this small example, the sky is the limit for fashion inspirations.

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