Saturday, February 28, 2009

Get your own!

A sense of style comes with the notion of understanding your physical self and what fits you best and how you execute that item of clothing. Style is also a reflection of your own personality. I think that in order to have a particular style, one has to literally and figuratively own what they are wearing. Something that is unique and eccentric, that not many people can pull off . With that in mind, people, males and females, have to be familiar with their body types. For example, a curvy woman won’t look so good in a very tight shirt and dazy duke denim shorts and a tall skinny guy, won’t look great in a simple baggy t-shirt and a washed out pair of jeans. That is not a sense of style, it’s a careless and lazy way to carry yourself which is not commendable at all. People need to look put together, I am not saying that they need to look awesome every day of their lives (although they should) in a fashionable kind of way, but rather think about how you present yourself to the public before you walk out of your house or apartment. Image has become a brand, no matter where you might be. I know that I just went off track for a little bit, but a sense of style, body image, and presentation are strongly intertwined. Its important to think about those things if you want to make an outfit work. I personally try not to conform to owning identical articles of clothing as someone else. When certain trends are in for example, spring scarves or gladiator sandals, I try to stay within that trendy framework but buy something that’s a bit more modified than something that everyone has. And again, something might look better on other girls that me and I come to understand that.

I think that prime examples of people with a sense of fashion are definitely Justin Timberlake. He always looks unconventional and he knows what fits his body. Ok I know he has personal stylists and what not, but it takes two work. I also think Puff Daddy, or Diddy, or Sean Puffy Combs, whatever his name is these days (honestly who cares), he is a self made walking fashionable guru. He really transformed his image from ordinary street wear to the red carpet chic. Scarlet Johanson is another super star who is not stick skinny and knows how to pull off cetain outfits that fit her and her personality. She is a buxom beauty who is not afraid to admit that she has boobs and a butt, and is not afraid to show it off in a bright colored masterpiece. I admire her for that. And again, because of her bodily structure, she knows what works and what doesn’t. As for the rest of us, I’d recommend really thinking twice about how we present ourselves to the public. People see and people watch, but its fun when you know you are the one getting the compliments and not being passed over unnoticed.

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