Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Fashion Funfetti!

FASHION WEEK! A celebrated occasion in the larger global fashion industry that brings Milan and Paris to the streets of NYC. Christian Dior, Carolina Herrera, Betsy Johnson, and Marc Jacobs were few of the many designers that featured their one of a kind fall collections on the runways. I started to follow fashion week a couple of years ago and at first I was awe struck by the creative designs that were presented on the catwalks and since then, I was eager to buy a whole new wardrobe for myself based on what I saw. But I didn’t, because if I had gone out and bought myself an entirely new BCBG Max Azria inspired wardrobe…I’d be broke. I would have a nice sense of fashion but… I’d be broke. As I got older, I began to pay attention to the actual designers, as well as the clothes. What provoked me to listen to the designers was their story and how they came about to establish such an art. Fashion, I believe, essentially is another form of art portrayed through clothing. People always hear designers are inspired or motivated by something in the environment that brought them to develop their creative masterpieces or collections. And so what are there “thing” or “factors” that contributed to their development as designers which led them to progress in sharing their artistic views on one of the most important weeks in fashion.

For example, Betsy Johnson, a fun loving kind of eccentric American designer was inspired to create her colorful collection after she was impacted by snacks. Yup! Snacks was the theme of Ms. Johnson’s collection, hmmm you might be asking what the…. Well anyway, according to Betsy, she wanted to focus on a “girls want to have fun” type of look, and snacks gave her that little bit of inspiration to create a look that was filled with knitted dresses, tops filled with fringes, sequins, bright eyed petty coats. I think this is a cute and unique idea and essentially is very simple. Something so small, can be spun off into something grand that people would be happy to wear because of that good feeling it would give them. Maybe it’s a little bit of a silly concept in being like “this shirt was designed after a bag of Doritos,” but I think it goes beyond that. And Betsy Johnson was certainly bold enough to take this approach and provide the snacks for the show.

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  1. oh i can definitely see the snacks in betsey johnson! hahah they look like brightly colored cupcakes