Sunday, February 1, 2009

the skinny jeans

Ok so last time it was all about the red carpet glam and then not so. This time around, I was checking out the average "street look" in hollywood, and I came across Vanessa Hudgens's look-which I loved. Totally wished I could pull something like that off but, I probably will never be able to even remotly pull off something this chic and effortless.

As everyone can seen, skinny jeans are VERY in right now, especially for women. They are simply everywhere, even some men like the look. And Vannessa, is totally rocking this skinny black jean look with a white flowy under shirt that is adorned by this adorable black blazer. Not to mention she tops off the look with some high heeled Givenchy birdcage heels. What do you think ladies? yay or nay?

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