Tuesday, February 10, 2009

A loud fashion statement

The 51st Grammy Awards were on last night, and besides the scandalous celebrities making headlines all over the entertainment news ( i.e. dropping out last minute performers Chris Brown and Rihannah due to legal woes), the red carpet shined by some stars that wowed the crowed with their display of elegant dresses, and ravishing suits and tuxes. And then there were others who you just horrified the red carpet, leaving many unanswered questions among spectators of the Grammys along with fashion critiques. I’ve been reviewing the better half of fashion choices among the Hollywood elite in my previous entries. However, now I would like to look at the converse side and review the more questionable outfits that many saw on the red carpet.

I want to start off by distinguishing the notion of a fashion statement. What is it? Why do people do it? One definition is that a person wears clothing that draw attention to him or her. Another definition that a fashion statement is an item of clothing or set of clothes that express something about the attitude, point of view, or lifestyle of the wearer. It would probably encompass making a statement without saying much. I believe that making a fashion statement is more than just putting on a bright sweater with a pair of leggings and accessorizing it with a pretty headband, during the fall season. The definition becomes simplified when the term is used in this context. Making a statement is something as simple as sending messages by wearing logo shirts for example, with something as short as a sentence or a simple word that would raise eyebrows and have others thinking twice about that person’s clothing option of the day. But why do people do it? Fashion is unconventional and there are no boundaries as to how extravagant or outlandish an article of clothing or accessory might be. Case and point, Deadmau5. Perhaps he outdid himself with this outfit, but he sure knows how to make a statement with his creepy “mickey mouse on crack” mask and a t-shirt stating “no pictures.” Ok we get the point, no pictures, but the mask…why? would you say this is a fashion statement or just horrific display of weirdness....that’s up to you readers to interpret.

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