Friday, February 13, 2009

Confessions of a shopaholic

In honor of the movie premiere “confessions of a shopaholic,” starring Borat’s leading lady in real life, Isla Fisher, I’d like to reveal some of my personal shopping experience. I actually dislike going shopping….I do…as a matter of fact I even tend to hate it at times. I hate the whole picking out clothes, then trying them on, buying them, trying them back on at home and realizing that I do not look nearly as good as the lighting and the mirror made me look in the dressing room. O and I also sometimes get this “shopper block” where I just completely freeze on what I want to get, because I am so overwhelmed with the clothing items in the store. Can I say frustrating much? And also, I understand that shopping has transcended to the realm of online shopping, I do not like it either. Speaking from past experiences, online shopping for me has been a disaster…DISASTER! I do not have the body of a mannequin in your average department or boutique store, therefore I just don’t go shopping. I am partially kidding about that, because really I do go shopping, I dislike the process. But, I think that I was bred in this manner because ever since I was a little girl, until my late adolescence my mom had actually been my personal shopper. She works part-time and she loves shopping for me. I am like a little doll for her to dress up and she has a great eye for what is trendy and what is not so much. My mom would always make sure to bring at least 8 shopping bags home for me to pick and choose from. And if I didn’t like something, her or myself would return it. I almost owe it to my mom for developing my “fashionable identity,” so to speak. Eventually, I began going shopping on my own, but still I always feel that I need my mom to tell me how an article of clothing looks on me. I trust her judgement, and I am very lucky to have her as my best and worst critique.

I know I had mentioned online shopping before, and for some people it’s the best thing since sliced bread. I mean I can definitely understand that and I am almost envious that I can’t experience the same pleasure of online shopping as others. I wonder though, what are people’s preferences for shopping. Is it “OMG (oh my g-d) LETS GO SHOPPING!” or, “ mom can you buy me something nice” or is it just sitting in front of your computer and filling up that imaginary shopping cart with clothes of your choice? Maybe, there are those who do not even care. But, all in all, clothing is important and making sure everyone has something to put on their bodies is quite vital for everyday living.

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  1. i think it's counterintuitive to put mirrors in dressing rooms that are more unflattering than..normal mirrors. but i definitely agree, trying on clothes is a pain. i suggest only online shopping from stores that you're really familiar with, so you know exactly what sizes you should wear. also, one that accepts in-store returns so you don't have to pay for return shipping.