Saturday, February 7, 2009

a black tie affair

So enough analyzing the female fashion of today, now I want to look at some of the male clothing options. And I want to present this ensemble brought to you by, Brody Jenner, Bruce Jenner’s son. For those of you who don’t know, Bruce Jenner is an Olympic superstar. He has a very impressive track record of championships, one of which he received a gold medal in the 1976 Olympics. And his children certainly make headlines in the tabloids. But, I am not interested in that…I am more curious to look at his handsome son…Brody. I think he looks great for a guy who is “all dressed up for the occasion”. He is very tall in real life, therefore this look works for him. The long skinny tie, is appropriate for his height and physique. I think he looks very sharp, as should all males when they put on a suit and tie. I think this look is so effortless, and normally something that is as simple as a black and white suit, can very much be spun out to an eye catching piece. Guys, this is a GREAT look, girls LOVE this look. So if you are tall like Brody and need some good fashion ideas, just look at him. And if you think you don’t care about your appearance…lies all lies. I do not believe that. If you want to attract the ladies, besides your great looks and fabulous personalities, you should also know how to dress well. As simple as a suit may be, it still says a lot about a guy.

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