Sunday, February 1, 2009

OOO the Globes!

So the Golden Globes were in full fashion gear as celebrities spilled unto the carpet in their best attire or horrific wardrobe disasters (see...Jennifer Lopez's blinding mermaid dress on-I had to get an eye doctor appointment after seeing that).
I was really intrigued to see a lot of strapless numbers, which really emphasizes on the lady's frontal features which adds some allure to their presentation. Anna Hathaway, gorg! really I was clapping my hands to this Armani Privé gown, which was draped in Swarowski crystals for its corset feature. Nice nice work. HMMM, Cameron Diaz on the other hand, disappointed me. What is that? seriously from first glance I really thought she wrapped herself in some pink blanket and called it a day, like common seriously. She looks like a goddess sometimes, but this time she just looked like a bubble gum wrapper.
Ok now unto some of the gentlemen, Jonas brothers, adorable. Never fail to impress and put your best selves forward. The dynamic mix of suits consisting of different fabrics and the "black, white and red look" looked so cute. You covered all the grounds for male fashion options when it comes to black tie events, maybe minus the tuxedo look but you know what I mean.

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