Friday, February 20, 2009

fashion coming to Ithaca!

Yesterday in our “Cornell Daily Sun,” in the Red Letter Daze section I came across a small fashion section, titled “spring trends in Ithaca.” Although, the author did not cover any actual fashion trends you see on ho plaza or the arts quad , but she rather made an overview of what is going to be in season for the upcoming 2009 spring term and her recommendations of how to successfully execute those outfits. But what I find a bit peculiar is that the writer makes claims that fashion and weather go together and with Ithaca’s fluctuating weather, it is very hard to look good and be appropriately groomed for the oh so changing weather. She does not really make any recommendations of how you can look good, effortlessly, and still be comfortable/warm in clothing option of your choice for the day. I know I had tried that before but then failed miserably when I walked out of my apartment in my a la “Carry Bradshaw” outfit (Carry Bradshaw is the fashion guru of the popular TV show “Sex and the City”) and then I was quickly confronted with the frigid Ithaca weather and the fact that heels and hills don’t go well together. This was back in the day, it didn’t actually happen yesterday. In any event, I am a big proponent for comfort and trendiness. And those two things are very hard to pull off. The author in the article mentions, cardigans and “boyfriend” blazers, but they are not very fitting for the Ithaca weather. One thing is if you go out at night on a date or to a local bar, but for the every day look, its not very helpful. In the cold winter days I recommend, knee high leather boots of either beige, brown, or black. Long cardigans of all colors and prints. Plaid button down shirts are making a comeback. They are warm and so easy to wear with a pair of light washed jeans. For guys, a nice pair of jeans, cool sweaters (i.e lacoste, penguin brand) will do that job. Jackets, coats are also big! And scarfs hats and gloves. Just because they might be accessories, doesn’t mean that no one sees them. Having bright colored adorable and trendy wool, cotton, or what have you hats and scarfs are the thing! They are comfortable, stylish and so easy to wear. So next time you’ll be in ho plaza, think about what you want to wear and maybe you’ll be making some heads turn while you pass by Olin.

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